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Another Day at UD

I just started my semester this week at University of Delaware. It’s mostly Marine Science classes and I’m excited. Math isn’t so bad, I managed to get the same professor I had last time and she actually works with me. She wants students to succeed, and I know it sounds weird but there are many instructors out there who are harmful to their students – making me wonder why they’re even in education as a career. I’m learning that many of the students and professors in Marine Science are rather close knit too, but in a good way. They seem cheerful and supportive.

I learned about the Summer Scholars program and I plan to fill out an application. Even as I write this I keep trying to avoid words like “attempt” and “try” instead opting for “I will do it.” I need to stop second guessing myself. If I tell myself to do something I’m more likely to do it, I admit that anxiety causes me to procrastinate a bit. But I’ve been doing better and this is a new year to defeat. I will win.

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