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Dragon Barbie!

Heck yes.

I was a tom boy growing up, didn’t stop my mom from having me collect Barbies. But my Barbies lived with my Gargoyles (from the animated TV series) and they had routine lives and fought crime. I also had a lot of animal toys so sometimes they had a zoo and sometimes the animals were magical and talked, depended on my childhood mood. I don’t think I had dragon toys growing up, but I loved to read dragon stories.

So this combines both things I love. I was also so happy when the Barbie series started coming out with career Barbies in science, now they’re coming out in mythology. I don’t really count the mermaids because they’re still catering to a sort of “girl fantasy” and don’t seem nearly as bad ass as the Dragon Empress. Though I do love mermaids too, don’t get me wrong.

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