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Suits, Dresses, and PJs

I feel so odd sitting, eating lunch, and looking around at the crowd at my campus. There is a small majority of students who suit up or wear dresses for classes. I feel like most are Freshman by the looks of them, a few are probably in classes with a dress code.

Then you have the slightly older students who wear casual clothing. T-shirts, jeans, what have you. And finally the ones you know are probably seniors like myself wearing essentially what amounts to PJs. What I wear during the day I don’t mind wearing to bed. It feels a bit like I’m a slob, but at the same time I think of how much work I get done instead of spending time fixing clothing, hair, makeup, and what have you.

In preschool I remember sometimes being sent off in my PJs. And then I started having to wear uniforms from Kindergarten thru high school. And now I’m back to PJs. I do enjoy my PJs, comfort helps me pay attention better rather than worrying if my skirt got caught and is now causing me to expose my undies.

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