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So I was in Shark Biology yesterday when I started getting super hot and sweaty – a possible side effect of adderall, more prominent when combined with sertraline. I left a little early and went home to lay down. My throat starts feeling dry and scratchy. I fell asleep and must have had a total of 12 hours of sleep last night. Woke up today with a horriblly dry and sore throat. Dear lord.

So now I don’t know if I’m sick or experiencing side effects. The hot flash and sweating has stopped, no fever, a touch of fatigue though I took adderall. Chicken noodle soup soothed my throat a little bit. I’m not attending classes today – if I am sick I don’t want to spread it, and if it’s just the medication I need some time to lay down and relax. I have work to catch up on.

I just want to be healthy for a couple days in a row, not a new problem popping up every time one problem is solved.

Here is one of my specimens. Decades old.

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