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Getting Better

Well, after almost a week I’m getting better. It’s like the adderall side effects plus a terrible cold hit all at once and began repeatedly kicking me. Add in a touch of delirium and that was my weekend. So of course I’m falling a bit behind on my work. But I have a whole free weekend to play catch up. And possibly clean a bit because the house looks like a tornado hit it.

Most of my professors have been very supportive. One seems a little cranky, but I will admit fault at not carefully reading the assignments. When you have a high fever and you’re on a lot of medication things slip through the crack.

Occasionally I have trouble sleeping on the adderall, but also sometimes I sleep SUPER deep. I do love that part. I read about people with ADHD who sleep better on adderall because it quiets their mind. I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD, just narcolepsy. So you’d think a good night’s sleep is easy for me, but it’s not. That could be due to my sleep apnea though, which I will be getting a CPAP machine for (hopefully soon).

All I have to say is wash your hands, stop touching your face, and invest in hand sanitizer. Don’t bother with face masks. Take care of yourself, try to avoid people if you get sick. I know it’s not always possible with the way jobs and classes work – little PTO, attendance grades, and the inability to get doctor notes to avoid the hits.

Dorian loves the paper towels and tissues I was using during my recovery…a little too much.

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