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Another Day at UD

I just started my semester this week at University of Delaware. It’s mostly Marine Science classes and I’m excited. Math isn’t so bad, I managed to get the same professor I had last time and she actually works with me. She wants students to succeed, and I know it sounds weird but there are many instructors out there who are harmful to their students – making me wonder why they’re even in education as a career. I’m learning that many of the students and professors in Marine Science are rather close knit too, but in a good way. They seem cheerful and supportive.

I learned about the Summer Scholars program and I plan to fill out an application. Even as I write this I keep trying to avoid words like “attempt” and “try” instead opting for “I will do it.” I need to stop second guessing myself. If I tell myself to do something I’m more likely to do it, I admit that anxiety causes me to procrastinate a bit. But I’ve been doing better and this is a new year to defeat. I will win.

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Myself, My Goals, Just Me.

I’m in my mid-thirties returning to school to get a PhD in Marine Sciences. I’ll probably be in debt forever, but I’m doing what I love. I’m older than almost everyone else so it’s a little weird.

I’m overweight and I want to change that. I’m diabetic but not insulin dependent, I’d like to keep it that way. My goal is to finish getting my SCUBA certification. I try to exercise and do Yoga daily as well as cut out carbs.

I’m married, for a few years now. We never had a honeymoon but one day we will. I’m overly clingy with my husband and I probably annoy him sometimes due to this. I enjoy doing everything with him, though we still hang out with friends.

I want to move to Hawaii one day and work there. I want to save the world, particularly from climate change. It’s happening, it’s scary, but there is still time. I know a lot of people are still questioning the whole thing and this will prove a wall to climb.

Politically I’m about equality, freedom of choice, etc. I believe education should be free – not just because of me but because education should be a human right. Pro-choice, because it’s not my business (or anyone else’s) what people do with their body and I expect the same in return.

Though the name has been dragged through the mud, I am a feminist, a feminist in the sense that men and women deserve equality…a woman shouldn’t be shamed for having a career or not wanting children, and a man shouldn’t be shamed for sharing his feelings or being a stay-at-home father. Though gender aside, all sexualities and genders should be respected and treated equally in those respects. I am LGBTQ, I’m pansexual, and despite being a cis female married to a cis man my identity is still the same even if people try to take it away from me.

I’m not religious, and I’m admittedly a bit bias towards those who are because of their treatment of others. It’s very rare to meet a level-headed religious person for me, but I know they’re out there. However, most I meet are judgmental, they act superior, and they deny science for blind belief which often harms others. This has been my experience, but I am open minded with caution. I’ll respect you if you respect me.

My grammar is not perfect, and sometimes I make and miss mistakes. It happens, bear with me. I’ve a bit of a learning disorder and sometimes I over explain things which can come off as condescending for which I apologize. I often repeat myself or explain things poorly which can lead to misunderstandings. Again, I apologize. Please work with me.

If you disagree with anything about me to the point it brings hate towards me (verbal attacks, stalking, etc.) then this isn’t the blog for you. Let it go, move on. I’m not saying you can’t disagree and that we can’t have a debate. But if it turns to insults or trolling it’s just not worth wasting time on.